The Memoir

  • "I was with the comrade in Thrissur central joint in 1965. I saw him preserving silently patiently and never losing his cool to learn new things. It was he who prepared the press statements and resolutions about national and international happenings on behalf of the State committee of the party. He had shown uncanny commonsense in coordinating the diverse parties of the United Alliance as its coordinating secretary. He could grasp the organizational problems that cropped up in the various districts of the State and interfere in them effectively as per the instructions of the State committee. All other party leaders held him in respect. He maintained a cordial relationship with all of them. His shrewd and well considered opinions about issues relating to peasants, workers and government employees always helped the party. His simple and dedicated life and his extraordinary ability for perseverance was worthy of emulation. "
    Com: P.Sundarayya
  • "It is the untiring perseverance and the undiluted fidelity to the working class that transformed a young beedi worker with only primary education into a communist leader. I told at that time to Com: Sundarayya that the young Raghavan was a very promising party worker. Rarely do we find a comrade like Azhikodan Raghavan; such was his infinite capacity for taking pains. Another quality that has impressed me is his extraordinary mental composure. This quality has stood him in good stead in his role as the coordinating secretary of the United Alliance. He could bring leaders of disparate nature around a common discussion table and make them accept the Marxist view on governmental actions. "
    Com: A.K.Gopalan
  • "A loss that cannot be compensated' is a clichi that is very often used to refer to the death of many an important person. But Azhikodan's sudden demise has made the clichi once again meaningful. Anybody who has been lucky enough to be in touch with the three decades long eventful life and activities of this great communist would adore him as a role model in politics. There was nothing extraordinary in a youngman who was born in an ordinary social background, except his adamant wish to sacrifice himself for the class and country. In 1946 when the adversaries blinded by anti-communism attacked Com: P.Krishna Pillai physically, the blows were partially taken by com: Azhikodan who intercepted. It was this selfless quality that earned him friends cutting across party lines. "
    Com: E.M.S.
  • "It was through his perseverance and him extraordinary fortitude to brave all kinds of adverse situations that enabled Com: Azhikodan to reach a coveted position in life. I met him for the first time at a meeting held in Kannur immediately after coming out from hiding in 1946. As a true disciple of Com: Krishna Pillai he had been transformed into a vibrant party worker who is capable of taking discrete and sudden decisions. "
    Com: A.V. Kunhambu
  • "He worked for 20 hours of the 24 hours of a day. He was at ease with any department of the State Secretariat of the party. He excelled in every role that was assigned to him. How he could do the work of three men at a time has puzzled us. Yet he would never claim to have done any laborious task. He fulfilled the tasks entrusted to him Mysore, Madras and Coimbatore. He was my comrade and my guru. "
    Com: E. Balanandan
  • "I have seen the houses of Com: A. K. Gopalan and Com: E.M.S., who were the role models for all with their simple life and self-abnegation. But these comrades had at least houses of their own. Com: Azhikodan denied himself even the luxury of a house his own. He was a leader gifted with the extraordinary ability to establish cordial relationships with even political leaders with pronounced adverse views. "
    Fr. Vadakkan
  • "In a public life where hypocrisy has become the order of the day, a leader like Com: Azhikodan was a virtual light house to people like me. Whenever I got chances to speak to him I felt I had breathed lot of fresh air. What cultured manners! What confidence! What sweetness! What ability to smile even in the midst of hard times. He never wished for anything except the emancipation of the downtrodden. "
    Thayyat Shankaran
  • "In spite of political differences the thread of our friendship did not snap. His consolatory words during the Thalassery communal riot had angered me and I had used some harsh words against him. But he was a great human being who reminded me the words of David O'Connel that anything that is ethically bad can never be politically correct. "
    Janab B.V.Abdullakoya
  • "We have worked together in Kannur since 1950. I have gone several times to his hut like rented house and have dined and stayed with him. When Naxalism cropped up in the party around 1972 he led the ideological battle against it. He was the incarnation of selflessness. His only earning of life was the amount less than five rupees that he forgot to take with him when he set out from his room on September 2, 1972 on his fatal journey. "
    Com: E.K.Nayanar
  • "Azhikodan who was untainted by selfishness was held in great respect by not only his comrades but also by his political adversaries. "
    V. K. Krishna Menon
  • "Why did our father who loved so much leave us so early? We celebrated every time he returned home. How precious were the gifts that he bought us, whether they were bangles, bindis, ordinary pearl necklaces, sweet meats or books. We knew that we were there in every pulse of his heart even in the midst of his hectic political life. He had acquired a good collection of books for us at home. There were novels, plays, scientific books, picture books, writings of Russian novelists and political leaders and political pamphlets. He taught us to love books. He gave us a diary each in which we were asked to write a brief summary of whatever books we read in neat hand. He would read it. Every time he would remind our mother to see that there was no latitude in our studies. He would tell mother very often: "Our asset is our children". "
    Dr. Sudha Azhikodan (Daughter)
  • "Azhikodan who was a happy blend of the intellectual sharpness of EMS, and the organizational acumen of C.H. Kanaran and the physical charm of Jamini Ganeshan (the Tamil film star of the day) was a model of humility. It was when the Transport Employee's Union decided to help him with some money that we learnt that he had a personal sorrow that he never disclosed. When the money was offered to him, he said, "I have a dumb girl child. I would need the money when I take her to Mangalore for operation. Keep it with you now" It was a shock for us. He never came back to accept the money. He left us for ever before he could fulfil his wish. "
    Com: V. Viswanatha Menon
  • Com: P.Sundarayya :

    "I was with the comrade in Thrissur central joint in 1965. I saw him preserving silently patiently and never losing his cool to learn new things. It was he who prepared the press statements and resolutions about national and international happenings on behalf of the State committee of the party"